Nature in advanced form

Mineral Composite is one of the most outstanding materials, to create beautiful high quality washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays.

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About material

Some 250 million years ago the Earth was a place of much greater volcanic activity than today. Limestone strata were transformed into dolomite under high temperatures and enormous pressures.

This rock is a very hard and durable material with superior characteristics. Its main constituent is calcium and magnesium carbonate – CaMg (CO3)2 – a snow-white mineral with a crystalline structure.

Mineral Composite is a material that fully utilises the extraordinary properties of dolomite. Thanks to unique technology, rock that was formed millions of years ago is turned into resistant and beautiful modern products.

The combination of dolomite and elastic resin imparts unparalleled durability and impact-resistance to Mineral Composite. The resin also provides unlimited possibilities for moulding products made from this technology. The external surface is covered with nanocoat. The type of coating is also applied to the surface of yacht hulls and wind turbine blades – places exposed to constant contact with the elements: wind and water.

Mineral Composite is unique in the entire bathroom fixtures industry. The usage characteristics of Mineral Composite are superior to those of traditional materials, which is why it is often called ‘the ceramics of the 21st Century’.


Thanks to its unique structure, based on a combination of nature and technology, Mineral Composite imparts exceptional quality

The main component of Mineral Composite is dolomite stone. Every Mineral Composite product has a minimum dolomite content of 75%. The crushed stone particles of appropriately varied sizes ideally fill the mould, forming a compact base. The resin added to the base, which envelopes every grain of dolomite, forms a material with a set of properties unparalleled in nature. The process of binding the resin with dolomite, known as crosslinking, enables the material to be permanently formed in any shape imposed upon it. The external layer is nanocoat. Cured resin, mixed homogeneously with pigment and quartz particles, imparts the final finish and smoothness to the product’s surface.

durability Durability


Mineral Composite is a unique structure which enables dolomite stone to attain a whole new level of durability in the bathroom.

The dolomite stone is reinforced with a flexible binder of resin which ensures resistance under load, damage from impact and the effects of high and low temperatures. It guarantees security of transport, installation and everyday use. Products remain in a brand-new condition for many years.

precision Precision


Mineral Composite is precise by its very nature.

With a 0-to-3 mm tolerance, and or a minimum radius of 2 mm, the material enables an extensive range of shapes to be created that frees up the imagination of designers. The liquid mixture of dolomite and resin fill every detail of a mould, perfectly reproducing the design. Radii, dimensions and edges cease to be a challenge and material. Perfect fit to furniture and shower enclosures go beyond any other traditional material.

Design Flexibility Design Flexibility

Design flexibility

Mineral Composite is a material that liberates creativity.

Its extraordinary properties allow for unlimited design possibilities. The material innovative structure gives freedom of form, therefore countless designs are available. It offers variety of absolutely unique shapes in classic and modern style. Natural stone surfaces and thin walls are the elements of excellence that set Mineral Composite apart.

Design Flexibility
warmth Warmth


The materials used in Mineral Composite are dolomite and nanocoat, imparting unique thermal properties to our products.

Due to the combination of natural heat conduction and efficient temperature insulation, Mineral Composite absorbs warmth from the water and air around it.

Products made from Mineral Composite maintain an optimal temperature for a long time, they are always warm to the touch and provide unprecedented comfort in the bathroom.

Superior finish Superior Finish

superior finish

Just one touch and you’ll feel the nature inherent in our material.

Bathtubs, washbasins and shower trays made from Mineral Composite are pleasant to the touch and have a smooth finish. They are resistant to even the most extreme conditions due to the inherent strength of the nanocoat surface. Its insusceptibility to bacterial growth, absorption of water and chemical substances, ensures a long lasting quality and ease of care.

Superior Finish
acoustic_absorbtion Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation

Mineral Composite offers exceptional acoustic absorption.

This feature comes from high particle density contained in the material. It prevents the sound of water striking a surface, and so improves living comfort and convenience of use significantly.